PAVO P-3060 is an OEM counter scanner which be designed to wide scan angle and is well known for reliability and durability. In addition to auto-sensing, reading speed, scanning a broad range of outside and owns automatic wake-up function which saves power and extends a product’s life. Furthermore, it can update firmware via Flash ROM. This powerful scanner has 7 directional scan fields, with depth of field well up to 250 mm. PAVO also equipped with superior 2400 scans/sec, read 0.127mm/5.0 mile bar code and support combo interface for communication. PAVO’s elegant outlook provided outstanding quality in design and convention retail requirements.

  • STAR code reconstruction technique allows easy reading of truncated, damaged and substandard bar codes.
  • Support multiple interfaces to allow with only a cable change.
  • Automatic wake-up function
  • Scanner Tuner software allows for easy programming and set up of scanners.
  • Anti-scraping glass window.
  • Firmware updates via Flash ROM
  • 1D Codes
  • 2D Codes
  • GS1
  • PAVO P-3060

    PAVO P-3060
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Tech Specs

Configuration Guide Datasheet Driver-OPOS Driver-Virtual COM User's Manual
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  1. Adaptor-5V(Small, Length=2.5m)

    • Adaptor-5V(Small, Length=2.5m)
    • Champtek p/n0104-SP00091
    • RemarkSwitch Power Adaptor 90-264V 5V/2A 90 degree 2.5m
    • Color-
  2. Cable-SID-Power USB(Length=3m)

    • Cable-SID-Power USB(Length=3m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-S801121
    • RemarkScantech ID RJ48+Power USB Straight black color 3m length
    • Color-
  3. Cable-SID-PS/2(Length=2m)

    • Cable-SID-PS/2(Length=2m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM02121
    • RemarkScantech ID PS2 MD6M + MD6F + RJ48 Straight Cable Black color 2m length
    • Color-
  4. Cable-SID-RS232(Length=2m)

    • Cable-SID-RS232(Length=2m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM01121
    • RemarkScantech ID RS232 DB9F + RJ48 Straight Cable Black Color 2m length
    • Color-
  5. Cable-SID-USB Dual(Length=3m, Dual USB)

    • Cable-SID-USB Dual(Length=3m, Dual USB)
    • Champtek p/n0114-S802141
    • RemarkDual USB plug Interface cable, RJ48+USB*2 A type Straight Black color length 3m
    • Color-
  6. Cable-SID-USB(Length=3m, Shielding)

    • Cable-SID-USB(Length=3m, Shielding)
    • Champtek p/n0114-S802131
    • RemarkUSB interface cable, RJ48+USB A type 3m length Straight black shielded
    • Color-
  7. Cable-SID-USB+DC Connector(Length=1.5m)

    • Cable-SID-USB+DC Connector(Length=1.5m)
    • Champtek p/n0114-SM04221
    • RemarkScantechID MICA USB + DC + RJ48 L=1500mm Straight Cable Black
    • Color-
  8. Metal Frame-NOVA

    • Metal Frame-NOVA
    • Champtek p/n7184MFB401D1000
    • RemarkIn-counter Metal Frame No Interface V00
    • Color-

Relative FAQ's

  • How to re-establish BT connection?

    When the scanner is the master device and cradle is the salve, while scanner goes to sleep mode, the cradle is always on for waiting the master device, to re-establish the connection is controlled by the master, hence press a trigger of the scanner will re-establish the connection

    When you connect the scanner with PC, the scanner is set to Slave mode and the PC is the master, when BT disconnect you have to establish the connection from PC, since PC is the master device, it will search the slave device, and the slave device is listening.

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