RFT200 badge tag is designed for people in the workplace. Two -button on the top can be used for check-in or access control environment. This tag is also convenient attaching to flat assets for monitoring or tracking. This tag is suitable for use as an employee badge. By pressing the button,employees can remotely clock-in instead of waste time to lining up. Two-color LED can indicate the confirmation from the reader to ensure the clock-in is accomplished. By two-layer anti-collision technique it issuitable for high-density tag application with significant low collision rate.

  • User configurable transmission power
  • User configurable transmission period
  • Clock-in button
  • Low-battery detection
  • Long battery life
  • Leading two-layer anti-collision technique
  • Water-proof
  • RFT200

  • Compare to

Tech Specs


- 48x30x15mm


Relative FAQ's

  • How to re-establish BT connection?

    When the scanner is the master device and cradle is the salve, while scanner goes to sleep mode, the cradle is always on for waiting the master device, to re-establish the connection is controlled by the master, hence press a trigger of the scanner will re-establish the connection

    When you connect the scanner with PC, the scanner is set to Slave mode and the PC is the master, when BT disconnect you have to establish the connection from PC, since PC is the master device, it will search the slave device, and the slave device is listening.

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